Great Cloud Automation Starts Here
No code DevOps platform that enables you to focus on your product vs building automation
One unified platform for all your DevSecOps needs
No-Code Devops
Hyper-converged DevOps that includes everything from network, compute, storage, containers to cloud native services and CI/CD
Built-in Security
and Compliance
Controls natively integrated into DevOps workflows. Out of box and Continuous compliance for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR
Frictionless Cloud
Migrate On-premise to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud seamlessly. Unique data migration techniques to minimize downtime.
Build and Deploy Apps
on the Edge
Seamlessly build and operate applications on the edge as if it were a cloud instance with same automation, security and compliance controls
Rooted in Public Cloud
As the founding developers of Public Cloud we are bringing to mainstreet DevOps the hyper scale techniques that enable AWS and Azure to manage millions of workloads across the globe.. Today DuploCloud platform operates thousands of workloads in tens of clients in regulated industries like finance, healthcare, law, tech and agriculture.
Open and Flexible
Built on cloud native APIs and open source tools, the bots produce the same configuration that an expert devops engineer would have created by manually writing code. Configurations can be exported as Infrastructure-As-Code. We are committed to supporting developers based on their own tool preferences.
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PCI Compliance in Public Cloud: Practical Considerations and Challenges
Infrastructure-As-Code: But You Don’t Have to Write That Code
Hyper-converged DevOps: How To Avoid Death By a Thousand Cuts
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